Monday, June 12, 2017

Today I have the luxury of moving slow!

36 hours ago, I had been up for 24 hours powered by the laughter and joy of grown ups without a care in the world. What I wasn't expecting is just how much MY Spirit would be elevated the night of Northern Spark.

Thank you Ashley, Sarah, Elena, Lily, Teace, Amber, Kendra, Christopher, Joan, Darien and all of the many friends and visitors who contributed to bring this vision to life!

Thank you to Forecast Public Art and the staff of Northern Spark for your tireless work and big vision.

Here are a few shots off my phone...

From dusk till dawn... We learned to play bird whistles, watched birds flying through the dark night sky, and left with a twist of chance at the final station where you were asked to pick a card... the luck of the draw was a challenge for you to take action toward a better world, and ease your mind by knowing you have the power to make a difference!

Lili blowing with confidence to teach folks the bird whistle!

Visitors in the waterfall room.
Elena behind the waterfall flying the bluebird.

Christopher delivering good fortune for a better world!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Made in the Shade !!

The end of a three day studio marathon has arrived. Finally the rain gave way to 90 degree humid days. Lucky for me, I get to work in the shade. All in all I will say, I am pretty exhausted, even though I have been getting plenty of sleep. More than that, I am thrilled that all of the major components are complete! I had hoped to have them assembled as well, but that is the way it goes! Still plenty of time and I am feeling fine!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Joan Vorderbruggen's Super Hero Cape Escapades!!

Saturday afternoon's open studio BBQ event was a big hit with all of the artists who came over to make Superhero Capes for the Transparent Spirit Elevation Chamber that will launch on June 10th at Northern Spark!

When Joan heard that we needed a team identity for the night of Northern Spark so visitors can easily see who is on our team, it took all of half a second for her to own it... The Super Hero Cape project was about to begin!!

I could not be more thankful for her vision and generosity in bring us all together for what turned out to be the best event ever on any planet in the known Universe!! Cheers to everyone near and far who came and made Superhero capes, and to those of you who cheered us on from afar. I was hoping for 4 to 6... but of coarse you all brought it home with 11 amazingly beautiful works of art!

Drumroll Please !! Here they are !!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A New Adventure Every Day...

Sometimes I don't even recognize where I am anymore... The space I have to work in is small in comparison to what I have to produce. Yet it is a familiar space to occupy. Creative problem solving. That is the bottom line. No is never the answer. Just a matter of the next move. For sure there is the challenge of finding things when everything moves around so fast. The grace of spilling out onto the sidewalk and backyard have been challenged by relentless rain. Each day begins with a routine of moving stuff out of the way so more stuff can take it's place. Tonight, the challenge is patience while the paint dries on Bluebird wings... Dang, I wish I had a magic wand!

 The trees are undergoing a restoration from cardboard to 1/4" plywood. It has to happen. Anything less falls into the category of fantasy. They simply could not hold up if Rain decided to be a partner for our Northern Spark experience!

Let there be light !!

The Transparent Spirit Elevation Chamber is coming to Broadway!!

When you get to 4th street and Broadway in Lowertown On June 10th... at the end of the Greenline, look up and you will see lights! Colorful, beautiful fun lights! Then you will know you have arrived!!

Here are a couple of in progress production images to give you a clue of what you will see :-) Can't wait to get it all together for a test run in the night!

 These beautiful rain safe lightbulb water protectors will glow in the night perched on the top edge of the nature simulation chamber on this seven foot long light strip designed to enhance your Northern Spark Experience!

*******************    Come One Come All!!    *********************

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Let it Rain!!

Construction, Seafoam Green base coats, and now the first test of the waterfall feature checked off my list!! This was both a very exciting moment and a time to figure out the mechanics of the water flow. At first I was a little worried because one of the pumps was not performing well. The 5 foot water flow was only reaching 2 feet! I thought I was going to have to invest a lot more money to get what I was looking for, then I tried the second pump and it worked great! The first one can be replaced, and I can add two more rows for the water to fall out of, which will really fill in the raincloud element and intensify the sound of falling water. Here is a preview... The next time you see it, there will be a video complete with sound!

Northern Spark: June 10th 2017

So... What is this Transparent Spirit Elevation Chamber anyway?

Ahhh!! The Transparent Spirit Elevation Chamber is Coming!! Woo Hoo!! ...Wait, What the heck is that?? ...You may ask. Turns out, I have the...